• Reality

    Everything is so subjective. Trying to judge another’s perspective based on your own observations and experiences. Trying to get across your own variation of the world, which doesn’t quite match another’s, and to which the other does not subscribe. So many people can’t seem to grasp subjectivity. Often it seems a wilful act, good old cognitive dissonance again. I think, therefore I am correct.

    Trying to impose your ideas on another seems such a selfish, almost violent act. And as with all violence, it is born in fear. A fearful man may be an angry man, but an angry man is always fearful. The trick is to find the source of the fear, and dilute it, then the anger recedes. To spread understanding, not to promulgate one idea. But you can’t do this without awareness of subjectivity. I can’t see their perspective, so I can’t understand them, so I am afraid.

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