• Old and New

    My oldest blog (before the word existed) would be over ten years old now. I wonder if it still exists anywhere? The earliest I could find in storage was this.


    Sunday, 26/8/2001 11:08 AM

    Bloody. Seems I’m not dead after all. My html kung foo is very poor at the moment, terminal apathy I think. Basics only here till I get some inspiration…
    So where have I been since I last had an ‘Internet Presence’? (dotcom billionaire jargon) Well, I’m not sure really, time just seemed to pass? It’s weird when a lot of big things happen to you and suddenly its two years latter. Feck!
    Anyway, I’m almost in the clear and ready to start annoying the _fuck_ out of people again.

    Strange to see it again. Those are the original colours. Most of it was topical, and if you change the names it wouldn’t look out of place in today’s news.

    Lots of crap poeticism as well. Nothing changes.

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